Change Readiness Assessment Tools

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Senior Leadership Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) Dashboard: Align your leaders vision of the change and how ready your organization is for change by using our Senior Leadership CRA Dashboard.

Leadership Change Readiness Dashboard with a high level view of the change readiness within assessment areas.
Leadership Change Readiness Dashboard Dashboard with a more detailed view of Assessment Areas and Major Elements.

The dashboard helps leaders share their thoughts on change readiness in a structured way. It highlights the areas where the organization is strong, where it might face risks, and where it can improve. The organized input provides an efficient way to collect and analyze feedback about change readiness.

Leadership Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) Questions: You can use our questions in our Leadership CRA Question 1 and CRA Question 2 which assess the readiness of leadership and stakeholders during the initial stages of a project. You can use these in 1:1 or group setting interviews, or use them to alter the questions in the Leadership CRA, and rest assured, all our questions align back with the same themes and categories we use throughout all our tools and templates.

Leadership Change Readiness Assessment with sample questions
Leadership Change Readiness Assessment with sample questions

Leadership Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) Dashboard: Get a snapshot of readiness levels across leaders within your organization.

Engage leaders with the provided questions and record their responses. The color-coded system can then be used to evaluate readiness levels in different areas based on these insights. Keep note of any substantial points that emerge during these discussions.

Leadership Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) dashboard view ( displaying assessment area, site, and major elements)
Leadership Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) note slide – to utilize when interviewing leaders

All Stakeholders Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) Dashboard: Assess how ready your stakeholders are for upcoming organizational shifts. Engage them with preset questions either in 1:1 interviews or group discussions, and record their responses for analysis. The dashboard features a color-coded system to easily evaluate readiness levels across different areas. This tool ensures that stakeholder input is incorporated into your change management strategy, aligning with the themes and categories used in our other tools and templates.

All Stakeholders Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) dashboard view – to utilize when gathering all information
Impacted Stakeholders Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) note slide – utilize when interviewing stakeholders

All The Rest

In addition to our core tools, we provide a comprehensive suite of supplementary resources to ensure your change initiative is seamless and effective.

Invitation Templates: We offer a customizable templates for invitations to engage your staff in the Change Readiness Assessment process.

Readiness Assessment Questions: Our question sets are designed for different levels within the organization, from leadership to end-users.

Change Readiness Presentation: This PowerPoint template provides a structured format to present gathered information and insights from stakeholders during the Change Readiness Assessment.

Post-Implementation Interviews: Post-implementation is a crucial phase for evaluating the effectiveness of your change strategy. We offer invitation templates specifically designed for post-implementation interviews, ensuring that you collect actionable insights for future initiatives.

Post-Project Implementation Questions: In addition to interviews, our “Post Project Implementation Questions For All Staff” provide a structured framework for gathering broad feedback on the success and challenges of your change initiative.

Post Implementation Interview Template: We offer templates for invitations to engage your staff in the assessment process, as well as post-implementation interviews to evaluate the effectiveness of your change strategy.


The risk involved in any change process is real, but with our Change Readiness Assessment tools, you’re arming yourself with the insights you need for alignment, well-informed decisions, and lasting success. Consider this not just as an investment but as a commitment to organizational resilience.

Stop being part of the 70% of change initiatives that fail. Change is inevitable, but failure isn’t. The odds aren’t in favor of change initiatives—unless you’re equipped with the right tools.

At Change Flare, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We equip you with free, high-impact Change Readiness Assessment tools to set your projects up for success. No gimmicks, no promises—just results.

A pivotal tactic for safeguarding your initiatives is the Change Readiness Assessment.

How We Can Help
A key element for successful change is our Change Readiness Assessment—a data-driven approach that uses diagnostic tools and analytics to highlight risks and alignment issues, empowering you to tailor your change strategy effectively.

We understand the critical role that Change Readiness Assessment plays in change management. That’s why we provide you with comprehensive tools designed to facilitate each phase of your change initiatives: