Change, while complex, is a fundamental aspect of growth. At Changeflare, a boutique change management consultancy nestled in the heart of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, we are passionate about redefining the way businesses perceive and implement change.

Our Genesis

The creation of Changeflare was driven by the urgent need for dynamic and practical change management solutions in a business world that is constantly evolving. Recognizing that theoretical change management models often stumble when confronted with real-world business complexities, we set out to make change management more tangible, less daunting, and truly effective.

Our Approach

What distinguishes Changeflare from traditional consultancies is our commitment to practicality and adaptability. We don’t just theorize; we create and implement flexible, adaptable strategies and tools designed for the modern, fast-paced business environment. Our services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of each organization, ensuring that change is not just a concept, but a tangible, manageable process.

Our Mission

The core mission of Changeflare is to empower organizations to confidently navigate and lead through the intricacies of change. We are here to equip you with the right tools, knowledge, and mindset for driving successful organizational transformation, ensuring that change is not just managed but mastered.

Our Founder

Monique, the founder of Changeflare, adds a unique, personal approach to change management. Involved in every project, she uses her rich experience in organizational transformation to make a real difference. Her focus isn’t just on creating methods; it’s about building a service that meets the real-world needs of professionals dealing with change in various sectors.